Game Prototype: FORM

FORM is an idea I had for a quick-paced game in which you simply jump around on platforms with an Xbox 360 controller. Cool idea, huh?

Anyway, I’ve always wanted to make a game that incorporates some jumping physics I learned from doing Gymnastics, so this game focuses entirely on running and jumping. The main idea is that you can change the angle in which you jump from the surface you’re on by using the right stick. Also, if you aim away from the direction you’re moving, it translates some of that momentum into movement away from the surface you’re jumping off of.

You can’t change the direction you’re moving while in the air, so you have to plan out a little which direction you’re jumping and how fast you want to move. “But Mr. Caruso, how can I plan out which direction I’m jumping if I’m moving quickly?” Well, so-and-so, that’s where the jump arrow comes into play. The jump arrow shows exactly which direction you’ll go if you jump, incorporating your momentum, the direction you’re pressing the right stick, the angle of the surface you’re on, etc.

Another thing to increase your precision is the slowdown trigger. If you hold down the left trigger, it slows down the entire game. This can give you a little moment before you leap so you can get as precise of a jump as possible. However, the reason you wouldn’t hold down this trigger all the time is because this game is (eventually going to be) a timed game, so you want to get to the end of the level before your time is up. If you slow down using the trigger, the timer keeps going at normal speed.

But at this point, it’s still pretty buggy. The obstacles aren’t colliding with the whole player yet, and the direction you jump in by default has some inconsistency issue (maybe caused by a floating point error). I know this isn’t polished in any sense, but I figured I’d post what I have for now.

About Anthony Caruso

A Full Sail University alumnus who majored in Game Development. I eventually plan on making my own independent video game company. This section is so lifeless wow
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