Dead of Knight

Dead of Knight is a 3D, side-scrolling Hack ‘n Slash game that my classmates and I are working on for our Final Project at Full Sail. Our team consists of 9 programmers, 8 artists, and 3 producers, and there’s a lot of time we spend working with each other and talking about the design of the game, what tasks we want assigned, what we need accomplished from one another in order to add a feature, etc.

The game obviously heavily features hacking and slashing things, so we decided that game won’t have many environmental hazards. Instead, it focuses on the different enemies you can fight and the attack system you use to take them out.

You have four attacks: Basic, Stun, Fast, and Grab. The Basic attack is your bread and butter. Decent range, medium speed, yeah yeah. The Stun attack is fairly slow, but sends out a shock-wave that completely immobilizes enemies for a short amount of time. The Fast attack is very… fast, and deals a ton of damage to only one or two enemies.

However, both the Stun and Fast attack take away your own health, so that’s where Grab comes into play. The Grab picks up a single enemy, disabling them and draining them of their life. While it makes you a sitting duck when being performed and is not very efficient at actually taking an enemy out, it is the only means of refueling your health, so it must be incorporated into your combat if you want to use your full repertoire of moves and stay alive.

…So anyway programming code code program time. The areas of the game I’ve been mostly working on are the input and collision systems. Working on the input system mostly means dealing with the combos: how to chain moves together, how the window of when you can press the next button to go to the next move actually works, you know.

As for the collision side of things, I’m responsible for making the objects in the game know how to react to one another based on what types of bounding volumes they have. For the code to be neat and clean and still have multiple bounding volume types, the collision system needed to work in such a way so that if you call the basic check collision function, the objects will react accordingly regardless of which two bounding volumes were involved. …So I made it like that. Yay.

Anyway, my team and I worked on the game’s design for a month before starting to actually create it, and as of now, we’ve been coding it for about another month. We’ve just finished Core and started working on Alpha, so it’s not that shiny yet, but I’m still pretty proud of what we have so far.

Yeah, I wanted to wait a day or two before posting this because people might not take it seriously if I didn’t.

About Anthony Caruso

A Full Sail University alumnus who majored in Game Development. I eventually plan on making my own independent video game company. This section is so lifeless wow
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