Platforming 101

Platforming 101 is a quick little game I made about jumping on platforms and not dying while doing so. Will my ground-breaking game ideas ever cease?

So the goal of the game is to jump on as many platforms as possible to get points. However, to actually reap those points, you have to navigate back down to the ground. It’s a little tough doing so, because the platforms you land on disappear, and if you fall too fast when landing, the game ends. The general tactic is to leave some platforms behind for your trip back, or have another path to take down. Take the picture above, for instance. In order to get those potential 16 points (indicated by the red number), you’d have to traverse up the platforms to your right and climb down on the right side of the screen. Dropping down from where the character is now is way too far to survive.

Mostly, this game was just a means for me to get some experience working with XNA, and I learned a bunch of tiny things while I made it. For example, I didn’t even know that by default, every Windows Game you make (with Visual Studio, at least) uses 100% CPU of one of your computer’s cores by default. Pretty silly, right? But I fixed it, and now I feel slightly smarter.

Download it here.

This game requires XNA.

Credit goes to David Brown (a Full Sail University teacher) for the input and state systems, and someone named Jeff for the XNA-friendly RectangleF class.

About Anthony Caruso

A Full Sail University alumnus who majored in Game Development. I eventually plan on making my own independent video game company. This section is so lifeless wow
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