Welcome to Onense! Yeah, I know the name’s not easy to spell or say. I’ll change the name to something better eventually, promise.

Anyway, hi! My name’s Anthony Caruso. I graduated from Full Sail University in 2012 with a BS in Game Development. This blog is meant for documenting and displaying my video game-creating experiences and milestones. This usually involves me posting any games I make that I feel are worthy to be made public, but I’ll also probably preach about programming/design concepts or societal subjects to sound smart.

One of my areas of expertise is tools programming and designing. I love organizing things and considering people’s psychology, and tools have to do both of those in order to be good, so they’re a perfect fit for me. I also enjoy encapsulating and creating code modules in general. Being able to design my own classes and systems and having them interact with the rest of the code is really fun for me.

Another thing I like doing is working with vectors. For some reason, I like doing rotations, dot products, cross products, whatever – as long as it involves vector math, I’m usually happy doing it. So, naturally, I enjoy myself when working on input, movement, and collision because of how heavily they make use of vectors.

As for my personality and other interests, uh yeah. It might sound silly, but it’d probably be easier if you just go look at my OkCupid profile. I talked way too long about myself on there. So here you go.

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