Résumé (out of date wow)

Anthony Edward Caruso

Mobile: (717) 855-0589




11 Lois Lane

Shrewsbury, PA 17361



Detail-focused game developer pursuing work in a project-oriented position of video game programming as a tools, physics, or core game programmer.



  • Experienced working on team-based video game projects
  • Proficient in C++, C#, XNA with Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Competent in Unity Engine, Java, Maya
  • Skilled in creating highly organized and encapsulated code
  • Adept at vector math (physics, collision, etc.)


  • Dead of Knight: 3D Hack & Slash, team-based, C++/Maya, Feb. 2012 – June 2012
    • Worked with 8 other programmers, 8 artists, 3 IPs, 2 EPs
    • Implemented 3D collision detection/reaction, terrain clamping, combo system, input system for Xbox 360 controller/keyboard
  • RHITHMS: 2D Rhythm-based combat, team-based, Unity/C#/C++, Jul. 2011 – Sep. 2011
    • Worked with 3 other programmers, 2 artists, 1 EP
    • Assisted in creating a prototype of the game in Unity Engine and Java
    • Implemented rhythm calculations/enhancements, tile-based collision, input system for Xbox 360 controller/mouse/keyboard
    • Created C# tool to generate beats used in-game
  • Platforming 101: 2D Platformingsolo, XNA, Apr. 2012
    • Implemented fall-through platform collision detection/reaction
  • FORM: 2D Platformingsolo, C++, Dec. 2011 – Present
    • Implemented 2D convex shape collision detection/reaction
  • Robocode robot: solo, Java, Dec. 2011
    • Used AI to make a virtual robot move and shoot using a limited scanning system


Full Sail University, Florida (September 2010 – June 2012)

Bachelor of Science in Game Development

Cumulative GPA: 3.34

Awards: Course Director Awards for Programming II, Data Structures, Windows Programming I


Agora Cyber Charter School (September 2006 – June 2010)

Relevant Coursework: Game Design I & II, C++ Programming


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